Climate for everyone around the world on the 25th December varies a great deal! Mexico can reach temperatures of 30 °C, while Santa and his elves have to deal with -50°C. However when people think of Christmas, they often envision the snowy scenes captured in a liquid snow globe.

“Some ‘believers’ are now imagining Santa living on an Ice berg”

This is changing! Global warming is causing a threat for Christmas day as we know it! The war has started, the effects on climate are affecting our traditions.

Santa Engines

A genetic study[1} of the animals, published December 15 in Nature Climate Change, found that climate changes over the past 21,000 years affected how the animals spread around the North, isolating some populations and allowing others to interbreed. The increase in temperature will change the habitats and alter the distribution of reindeer making some breeds extinct.


White Christmas

We (or at least most of us) long for the view of those individual snowflakes falling as a back drop to the Christmas day  dinner, but in the not too distant future this could be a very distant memory. The Met Office{2) has reported that White Christmases were more frequent in the 18th and 19th centuries, even more so before the change of calendar in 1752 which effectively brought Christmas day back by 12 days. Climate change has also brought higher average temperatures over land and sea and this has generally reduced the chances of a white Christmas.


Santa’s Grotto

If Santa and his elves live in the arctic from when the stories began, he would be swimming by now! Some ‘believers’ are now imagining Santa living on an Iceberg hidden from modern day sight. The extent of summer sea ice in the Arctic has been shrinking, and it could be gone entirely with in decades(3)!


Many more ‘Christmas’ items could be affected such as coco, maple syrup, Christmas trees, the list goes on! Climate change is raging a war with the one day we thought would stay the same forever.

Fight for Christmas, win the war over Climate change!!!

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