The Energy Managers Association (EMA) was set up by Lord Redesdale in June 2012 to act as the voice of the Energy Management profession. Lord Redesdale, who has worked in energy policy for a number of years, was surprised to find a lack of cohesion in a field that will be key to the UK meeting its energy requirements. The EMA Magazine platform aims to Improve the standing of the Energy Management profession and those working within it, Establish best-practice in Energy Management and Put Energy Management at the heart of British business.

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Rapid growth in energy consumption reflects expansion in floor space and the uptake in lots of individual buildings. Improving infrastructure for space heating in offices, commercial space and warehouses greatly impacts the carbon footprint as well as the company’s finances; all in a good way.

Is your organisation taking action to improve your use of resources and reap the benefits of cost savings and carbon reduction? This will allow you to:-

  • Achieve significant and sustainable reduction in gas and oil consumption and related heating costs
  • Reinforce the value of your organisation by leading sustainability
  • Accomplish a reduction in energy cost which will provide a significant increase in profitability; more especially where energy prices are increasing
  • Choosing sustainable technology to aid you in achieving government targets


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