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Voltage Management Systems

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  • Voltage Management Systems
  • Electronic Switch Management
  • Fully Automatic Optimisation
  • Unique Patented Technology
  • Suitable For All Kinds of Businesses
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  • Reduce Electricity Costs
  • Protects Electrical Equipment
  • Ensure Compliance
  • International Award Winning Solution
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Maximus Green can provide all kinds of businesses and institutions with a specially designed, automatic voltage management systems.

Installing voltage optimisation systems helps clients to reduce energy costs, improve electrical efficiency, protect their electrical equipment and ensure compliance through the use of innovative solutions for all sectors. You will be receiving systems provided by the international award winning solutions provider of energy saving systems.

The voltage optimisation system exploits the CE Mark regulations, a European safety mark which dictates that all appliances must operate safely across the harmonised voltage levels across the whole of Europe.

Mainland European standards dictate voltage levels of between 207V – 243V although our unique voltages levels in the UK of between 216v – 253v and an average 242v, creates the opportunity to manage voltage to a level where most appliances will function most efficiently between 220v – 230v described as the design level voltage.

These voltage management systems are fully automatic and utilise highly efficient and unique patented technology. They are installed throughout the UK and overseas in a wide variety of different businesses. Voltage optimisation is a particularly powerful energy saver for businesses operating on long opening hours and mixed load applications where a return on investment can be as short as 1 year.

Voltage optimisation not only saves you money by making your business more profitable, it also protects all appliances, machines and sites.

IMPORTANT! Smart Grid Compliance is a very important consideration when considering an investment in an energy savings system incorporating voltage optimisation technology, these energy savings systems are fully Smart Grid ready and are available to respond seamlessly to grid fluctuations while other less intelligent systems may place the electrical supply at risk to low voltage as Smart Grid is implemented.


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