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Our energy comparison service, Maximus Green Utilities makes it easier for you to compare gas and electricity providers, so you can find the best deal for your business or home. We compare the Big Six suppliers among many more. Just click on one of the energy comparison options below and see how we can help you save energy at business or home.

Gas and electricity prices are always rising and they’re not going to stop any time soon. Therefore, it’s important you find the best deal you can!

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Councils and Government Bodies, Education including Schools and Academies, Healthcare including NHS & Care Homes, Manufacturers and Engineering Establishments, Industrial Plants, Hotels and Leisure and Small Businesses (SMEs).

Leisure Centre Emissions Programme
NHS Carbon Emission Programme
Council Carbon Emission Programme
Save Energy at Hotel
Care Home Carbon Emission Programme
School Carbon Emission Programme

Our energy comparison service, MAXIMUS GREEN Utilities, is an easy tool which gives you all the information you need about potential suppliers, so that you can choose the best deals available to you today. Save energy and money for your business, home or both.

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Prices last winter reached 5 times higher than previous contracts. Experts are predicting this winter could be up to a further 20% extra in costs. Take action now to avoid the big rise!

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