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eeMGee – Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

The Maximus Green Energy Saving Solution

magnetic fuel conditioner

The Product

  • Magnetic fuel conditioner
  • Attaches around pipes
  • Breaks apart molecule clusters
  • Provides cleaner burn
  • Less fuel is needed
A Proven Technology

The Benefits

  • Makes your fuel more efficient
  • Lowers emissions costs
  • Simple to install
  • No maintenance fees
  • Reduce carbon footprint
About Us

In a world with dwindling resources, population growth, increased demands for productivity and energy efficiency, not to mention skyrocketing energy prices, our magnetic fuel conditioner – eeMGee – is a fantastic energy saver and welcome addition.

Our magnetic fuel conditioner is compatible with all hydrocarbon-based fossil fuels, such as natural gas, LPG, oil, diesel etc. The science is based on the fact that hydrocarbon molecules tend to cluster during the delivery of fuel to the ignition system. The clustering of these molecules impedes the ability of oxygen to mix with hydrogen and provide a complete, clean burning of the fuel. As these clustered molecules do not burn efficiently, this causes an increase in fuel consumption, unwanted deposits and dangerous emissions.

The magnetic fuel conditioner breaks apart these molecule clusters and provides a much cleaner burn, resulting in less fuel required to do the same amount of work, reduced burner deposits which helps lower otherwise costly maintenance, and lowers co2 emissions which is better for people and the environment.

eeMGee is the only magnetic fuel conditioner that has been verified by OnSpex (CSA Group) independent testing for consumer product evaluation, data management and consulting services using ASHRAE 103-1993 Standard.

Our magnetic fuel conditioner is a quick and easy energy conservation method. The eeMGee System increased the efficiency of the appliance from 89.55% to 90.97%. It decreased the Carbon Monoxide from 8 ppm to 0 ppm. It also increased the temperature rise value by 5 %, increased steady-state condensate by 30.5% and improved fuel consumption by 12%.

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