Saving Energy At School

By 2020, the Government would like all schools to be models of energy efficiency, renewable energy use and water management. They should take the lead in their communities by showcasing wind, solar and bio-fuel energy, low-energy equipment, freshwater conservation, use of rainwater and other measures.

The Ofsted 'Schools and Sustainability' report Government Set 2020 Targets for Every School

Saving energy at school has never been more important. In fact, the UK Government would like all schools to become more sustainable by 2020. This is being monitored by OFSTED, so it’s important all schools are taking measures to show their commitment to the environment and remain ‘outstanding’ in their criteria.

UK schools could reduce energy costs by thousands of pounds per year which would prevent hundreds of tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Improving energy efficiency in schools does not mean compromising the comfort of staff and students. In many cases, implementing some simple energy saving measures actually improves conditions, as well as providing an excellent opportunity for practical learning and real-life application for students.

The Solution

Our product is a new innovative way of saving energy. The eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner is easy to install and improves energy efficiency. Saving energy at school can be difficult, especially in bigger buildings.

At Maximus Green, we know that saving energy at school can be hard when everything is in constant use. From equipment such as interactive whiteboards, heating, lighting, etc. It can be hard to know what changes to make, however with the eeMGee product, you can cut energy costs and improve efficiency.

If you are looking at different energy saving products we also have commercial LED lighting, electronic water conditioner (enigma), shepherd sensor monitoring and voltage optimisation.

How We Can Help

By adopting energy efficiency solutions, you can reduce your carbon emissions and minimise your impact on the environment. This will bring you that much closer towards your 2020 targets.

Why Choose Maximus Green? 

Our mission is dedicated to providing effective, efficient energy solutions to clients impacts on the environment while including an added economic benefit.

There is no option but to save our children of the future by preserving the world they’ll grow up in. Saving energy at school is something we’re committed and passionate about, which is why we’ve launched our school emission reduction programme.

Our programme includes a consultation in which we show you exactly where you could be saving energy at school. Once we know what you need, we can then offer you a range of energy efficiency solutions to help you reduce your emissions, meet your targets and cut costs. We only work with proven technologies that will help you on your journey to sustainability.

It’s time to set an example for your students.

Our Awards

We proudly hold BUILD REVIEW’S 2018 Global Excellence Awards in environmental services & 2017 Best Energy Saving Solutions Provider for the UK.

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