Energy Efficiency in Hospitals

Energy use contributes 22% of the total NHS carbon footprint and offers many opportunities for saving and efficiency, allowing these savings to be directly reinvested into further reductions in carbon emissions and improved patient care


Sustainable development management summary report 2017 -2020 – NHS Digital

The heightened vigilance on improving energy efficiency in hospitals comes as a result of the ambitious targets set by the UK government for carbon reduction through the Greening Government Commitment (GGC), the Climate Change Act 2008 and Carbon Budgets. The NHS have until 2022 to manage and monitor their activities to fully support the GGC on carbon reduction by 2020.

Estates are number 1 on this plan with the two priorities targets set below;

– Reduce energy consumption by 30%
– Reduce gas consumption by 30%

The Solution

Have you considered our eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner? Energy efficiency in hospitals can be improved by our product. With a clear, distinct aim to improve energy efficiency, eeMGee can help to cut costs and provides an easy and simple solution for saving energy. The product design itself is innovative and easily attaches around pipes.

At Maximus Green, we know that reducing energy costs in hospitals can be difficult. Energy is needed constantly for an industry that is in need of lighting, various machinery, equipment and heating/fans etc. With so much energy being used daily, energy efficiency in hospitals can be improved by installing a magnetic fuel conditioner.

Furthermore, we have various other products that can help reduce energy wastage. At the first consultancy we have with you, we discuss different options of energy-saving products that could be beneficial to you. These include voltage optimisation, electronic water conditioner (enigma) shepherd sensor monitoring and commercial LED lighting.

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It All Starts With A Simple Objective…
We can help to make your trust a model of carbon emission reduction, minimising impacts on the environment whilst helping towards your 2020-22 targets by becoming more energy efficient.

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Our Mission is dedicated to providing effective, efficient solutions to clients impacts on the environment while including an added economic benefit.

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