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There’s no escaping the facts, energy prices are on the rise, and unfortunately they won’t stop any time soon. It is a current hot news topic that is constantly being discussed in parliament, as it is an ongoing issue. Whilst trends can be predicted to an extent, rising energy prices can still come about unexpectedly due to problems out of a supplier’s control. The facts are that gas and oil aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. A change for a greener, more energy efficient way of living can not be implemented worldwide overnight, this just isn’t realistic. Therefore moving forward we must become more efficient with the energy we do use and try to adopt an energy saving mindset where possible, and try to implement strategies and first make a switch.

The Ideal World

In an ideal world everybody would turn to renewable’s and massively reduce their carbon footprint, however this isn’t realistic. Yes in the future many will have turned to renewable energy (and that is amazing), however we must realise that this isn’t an option or a solution for everybody due to a variety of reasons. Therefore businesses should have an energy efficiency policy, which helps reduce the amount of energy that is consumed. This has a impact on the environment, and you also save money.

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Energy is on the rise

Rising energy prices are in the news constantly, and we can’t say we will stop using fossil fuels all together because we do not have the resources to neglect their future usage. The Guardian have discussed the topic of rising energy prices a few times and within one of their most recent articles, they speak to the department for business, energy and industrial strategy where they forecast that “The gap between the cost of energy and what people can afford is set to rise by 9% further into 2018.” But what is the reasoning behind the rise on prices? Well a few factors can affect this, however the decision for bumping up the price is ultimately down to the suppliers. Lots of factors can affect energy prices, for example the extraction process is costly and the mixture of natural supplies to make electricity are also expensive. In the future, where the constant demand for gas and electricity is rising, there may be a more limited supply of energy and in the UK we use a lot! According to government national statistics for energy production in the UK, 2017 was “0.4 per cent higher than in 2016”. The increase in price is due to a range of factors that ultimately impact the end price for the consumer. These factors include the wholesale costs, maintenance, transport and the ongoing demand. Additionally, there are other costs that are often overlooked that can significantly change the end price.

Energy caps, good or bad?

In most recent news, government are introducing a new legislation to limit how much power firms can charge, which is seemingly a positive step to protect the consumer, but is it really in the long run? Is it possible to find a balance between energy caps and tariffs? It will ‘force energy companies to change their ways’, says Theresa May. Energy caps carry pros and cons, but ultimately the aim is to protect the consumer from hikes in energy prices which is the most important element. Fundamentally, even with the caps it is still vital for your business or home to be on the best contract, and currently there are so many different suppliers offering different rates. This can become overwhelming to compare and know what package would suit you best.

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Efficiency in the home

Efficiency in the home

Improving your home energy efficiency and using and implementing renewable energy is worth considering if viable. However even by making small changes it can make a huge difference. Some energy efficiency tips include changing ordinary light bulbs to energy saving ones and making sure your home is properly insulated can all make a huge difference in terms of preserving your energy usage.

Make a Switch

There is no harm in comparing the top energy providers current prices to see if you can get a better deal, saving you money and energy, at home or for your business. It is particularly important for small businesses to monitor their energy usage to see how they can be more efficient and use less energy. Saving money and being resourceful can help you out in the long run. It can be a struggle for a small business to incorporate a sufficient way of becoming more efficient. Because of the amount of energy used, sometimes we can overlook just how much we use on a daily basis: laptops, computers, smart boards, lighting, phones etc are on constantly for hours, and for a smaller business, it becomes important to realise the cost of having these on for long periods of time. But, they are necessities, a business can’t function without their required technology and office equipment. Therefore planning and budgeting is vital to succeed. Electricity bills can end up being expensive, this is avoidable when choosing the supplier and package which meet the needs of the business. Our energy switch comparison service allows you to take control and find the best deal, after all who doesn’t like a good saving?


The Utility switch or energy comparison service helps you to discover the variety of options out there. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, the rise in gas prices is evident from the level of media coverage surrounding the topic. In recent news, it is a recurring issue that is being spoken about in households businesses and parliament. However the reality remains we need energy in order to function and go about our usual everyday routines. Of course it is not ideal, however if it can help you make a change that improves your energy consumption and reduces the cost, then this can significantly help with lowering costs and the money saved can be invested elsewhere. So how does the Maximus Green utilities comparison service work to make a switch?

Maximus Green Utilities

We provide you with information whether you are a business or home owner. We compare the energy and gas prices of the top providers to get you the best deal. It couldn’t be easier! Start by speaking with one of our agents and get a free quote. With our help you choose the contract that you feel suits you best, and join ‘do it for you’ which helps you to stay in control and get advice on the best deals.

The best outcome to save our planet would be to go ahead and implement renewable energy projects everywhere worldwide. Although there has been a significant increase in the amount of renewable energy use, there is still a very long way to go. It’s about being realistic and facing facts, in order to preserve and maintain the world for future generations. The best approach is to all become energy efficient in our everyday lives and be more aware of our impact; this reduces our carbon footprint which results in a more greener, sustainable and energy efficient way of living.

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