Energy Saving in Leisure Centres

Saving us both environmentally and financially. Maximus Green have certainly helped us to achieve 'A' star rating on our DEC certificate. For a leisure centre with swimming pools, this is almost unheard of.

Lloyd Hancox, Craven District Council said

Why Act?

Energy saving in leisure centres can not only help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, but it can cut their energy bills and save them money. In fact, by making a 10% improvement in the management of energy use, UK leisure facilities could save up to £70 million each year and reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of thousands of tonnes.

In a typical sports centre, energy costs are second only to labour costs, accounting for as much as 30% of total running costs – a higher figure than in most other sectors.


This can account for 60% of your total energy costs. Implementation of energy efficient equipment could reduce your heating costs by up to a third.


On average, 25% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting. You can cut these costs by up to a third while reducing your carbon footprint and improving the working environment for your staff.

The Solution

The eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner is the perfect solution for energy saving in leisure centres. Our product is carefully designed and structured to provide a cleaner burn, resulting in using less energy and therefore reducing costs.

EeMGee for leisure centres is easy, simple and provides a fast, yet long-term solution to your business needs. The product conveniently attaches around the pipes of your boiler system and improves energy efficiency. Save time and money with our magnetic fuel conditioner, it is an efficient and new way to help combat increasing energy usage and costs.

At Maximus Green, we understand that reducing energy costs in leisure centres can be hard. Energy is needed constantly for an industry that is in such high need of lighting, heating and hot water. There’s no escaping the facts, so implementing a magnetic fuel conditioner can benefit a leisure centre a great deal. Whilst you may have energy saving methods already in place, this is a product that has been proven to work.

Additionally, we have a variety of other different products to help you manage and conserve energy. At the consultancy, we discuss various energy saving methods and products that could be beneficial to your business by reducing carbon emissions. These include, commercial LED lighting, voltage optimisation, shepherd sensor monitoring and electronic water conditioner (Enigma)

We Can Help You Today

We can help to make your leisure centre a model of carbon emission reduction, minimising impacts on the environment whilst helping towards your 2020 targets by becoming more energy efficient.

Why Choose Maximus Green?

Our Mission is dedicated to providing effective, efficient solutions to clients impacts on the environment while including an added economic benefit.

We value there is no option but to save our children of the future and we are committed and passionate helping you achieve this.

We Have Awards

BUILD REVIEW’S 2018 Global Excellence Awards in environmental services & 2017 Best Energy Saving Solutions Provider for the UK

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