Every Christmas eve millions of children around the world wait  for Santa to arrive down their chimney (or let himself in through the door) with all their lovely presents. So for all those curious kids that might wonder how he manages to do this in such a short space of time and how much it might cost him…. let us ponder for a moment and look at the facts, just how much energy does santa claus use.

94 million square miles = 2.43458882 × 1014 m2

Now not everyone celebrates Christmas of course, but it is estimated that about 45% of the world’s population do. This would mean that Santa would have to visit about 675 million households. With an average of 7 households per square mile and as most of these households are clustered together due to religious beliefs in the Western world, it would mean that he would have to travel roughly 94 million square miles.

total fuel cost of Santa’s journey at £53,550,000!!

Now let us presume that these houses are distributed equally, it would mean that  Santa will have to fly over 2.41 miles of ground to cover each square mile as efficiently as possible. As a result, Santa needs to travel around 226 million miles to deliver all of the presents to the world’s children. This only allows minimal time for eating mince pies, getting down chimney’s and feeding the reindeer carrots!  Santa is going to need to hit about 180 miles an hour just to take off, and the faster he goes, the more fuel he will use. Now, if a Lear Jet uses around 1 gallon of fuel per 2.75 miles (based on a speed of 465 knots or 535 miles per hour) and his sleigh is roughly the size of an average people carrier ( let’s just say a Ford Excursion) one might estimate the sleigh gets about 5 miles to 1 gallon of jet fuel.


That means Santa needs around 45 million gallons of jet fuel for his annual voyage. With jet fuel going for around £1.19 a gallon according to the latest market prices, (http://www.indexmundi.com/commodities/?commodity=jet-fuel) this puts the total fuel cost of Santa’s journey at £53,550,000!!

It look’s like Santa could do with installing Maximus Green’s unique fuel conditioning system on his sleigh, as with average estimated savings of 15% on his fuel bill, this would save him £8,032,500 a year!!!Isn’t it about time your business thought about your fuel consumption and installed our system??

Blog by Daniel Dewing, Green Energy Consultant at Maximus Green

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