Saving Energy in Hotels

The technology exists today to fully de-carbonise the sector. Solving the issue of climate change becomes how to accelerate the solutions which are currently available. To do so, hotel industry leaders will need to support an evolution of thought and approach to make it happen.

Fran Hughes, Director of ITP2020, 2030 & 2050 Targets Towards 90% reduction

What’s The Problem?

Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change with devastating impacts on communities and biodiversity. The hotel sector accounts for around 1% of global emissions and though this may seem small, growth in the sector means that the sector will increase its negative environmental impacts if it does not start to measure and reduce its carbon emissions.

Why We Need To Start Saving Energy in Hotels

The hotel sector needs to account for and reduce its climate impact. With the ever more mandatory reporting schemes and customers and investors are increasingly expecting hotels to be able to account for their carbon emissions. Responsible businesses are able to respond positively to these requests.

The Solution

Saving energy in hotels needn’t be difficult. Our eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner helps improve energy efficiency. The product easily attaches to pipes and is easy to install. Energy efficiency in hotels is vital.

At Maximus Green, we realise that saving energy in hotels can be hard. Energy is in constant use, from lighting to heating to electricity etc. The solution is simple, our eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner can make saving energy hotels easier. Improve energy efficiency for your hotel with us.

We have various other products that help improve your energy efficiency which are the voltage optimisation, commercial LED lighting, electronic water conditioner (enigma) and shepherd sensor monitoring.

We Can Help You Today

We can help to make your hotel a model of carbon emission reduction, minimising impacts on the environment whilst helping towards your 2020 targets by becoming more energy efficient.

Why Choose Maximus Green? 

Our Mission is dedicated to providing effective, efficient solutions to clients impacts on the environment while including an added economic benefit.

Our Hotel Carbon Emission Programme includes a consultation in which we help you decide which energy efficiency solutions best suit you. We only provide proven technologies because we’re genuinely passionate about saving energy in hotels.

Our Awards

BUILD REVIEW’S 2018 Global Excellence Awards in environmental services & 2017 Best Energy Saving Solutions Provider for the UK

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