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We’re glad you’re looking to write for us. If you’re a keen writer with an interest in the energy sector we want to hear your thoughts.

Submissions must be on the subject of energy, such as; the environmental impacts, energy conservation, plastic waste, solar, wind, cutting carbon emissions and more.

Here are a few guidlines for your guest blog submissions. We can’t wait to read them!


Guest blog posts must be exclusively published for Maximus Green and cannot be re-submitted to any third-party sites.

Word Count

The recommended length for your article is at least 500 words.


Articles should be informative, engaging and easy to read.


You are required to hyperlink all references and original sources.

  • Maximus Green asks that you submit photos with your guest blog (you must obtain permission from the original source). format: optimized JPEG for web
  • Your article will be posted under the author name ‘Guest Blog’
  • We reserve the right to deny any submissions at our discretion.
  • Articles may be edited by our marketing team to comply with our guidelines prior to, or after publication.

Once submitted we will upload to our blog page and contact you to let you know your submission has been accepted. We will also share to Maximus Green social pages depending on the context of the article.

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