This October marks the first ever Green GB Week. So far 2018 has seen UK carbon emissions fall below 1890 levels, a renewable energy utilities provider rise rapidly, and a pledge from the Labour government, committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by 2030. With many positive news stories involving the renewable energy sector, you might think, why do we need a whole week?

Here’s a few reasons why…

From the 15th to the 19th of October, this year’s Green GB Week will begin showcasing the positive effects clean growth can deliver to all parts of society – from cleaner air to generating new job opportunities. The government urges local communities to grasp this challenge and build momentum from the ground up. The week will mark a 10-year anniversary of the Climate Change Act. The act was introduced to lower the net UK carbon account for all Kyoto greenhouse gases by at least 80% before the year 2050. So far, we have reached over 50% of that target. This week will raise awareness to push the message further, getting that reduction we desperately need to save our country and our planet.

Cleaning up the U.K. since 1990

Clean growth is at the heart of the Government’s modern Industrial Strategy and the Clean Growth Strategy.

“Clean growth is a true British success story. Since 1990, we have reduced our emissions by over 40% while growing our economy by over two thirds. Our low carbon sector supports almost 400,000 jobs all across the country, and the sector is still growing. This is why we put clean growth at the heart of our modern Industrial Strategy.”

The Rt Hon Claire Perry MPMinister of State for Energy and Clean Growth
Green GB week Maximus Green

The idea of this year’s Green GB Week is for everyone to get involved, whether it’s Businesses, Schools, Universities, Community Groups or Individuals the government is urging everyone to get behind the use of green energy and cutting their carbon emissions. So what steps can you take?

Green GB Week for Business and Universities

The UK wants to be the forefront of providing low carbon technologies and innovative systems. Businesses and universities are key to driving the innovation needed for clean growth. Support from the government via the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund can help make this happen.

Reducing energy waste is paramount for businesses when it comes to reducing their emissions. Here are a number of ways in which your business can reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Green GB Week ideas Maximus Green

How else can businesses help?

As consultants that are committed to reducing energy consumption for many businesses, Maximus Green believes we can help. We offer several different services which will reduce carbon emissions by at least 16% or more. Ranging from our eeMGee units, which helps lower CO2 emissions in commercial boiler systems. To our LED lighting, which reduces your electricity consumption and improves CO2 reductions for your business.

With Green GB week upon us, now couldn’t be a better time for you to consider changing your energy management. Not sure if we can help? Take a look at our different services below.

Utility Switch
Commercial LED
Voltage Optimisation
Shepherd Monitoring

If you believe we can help you then talk to us today. We can set up a free no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs further.

What can I do for Green GB Week?

The government believes everyone can have an impact on climate change. Not only can you help during Green GB week, but forever. It’s time to make a difference. How? Commit to reducing the amount of food you waste. Get a smart meter. Take a reusable bottle with you and refill it to reduce plastic waste. Start reducing your energy use at home. You can even visit a Green GB week event in your area.

With almost 400,000 jobs in low carbon businesses to date, 2030 could support up nearly 2 millions jobs. This will be a huge boost for local communities and the UK economy. Going Green isn’t just about reduction, it’s about positive change.

For more information on how to start today, take a look at the ‘top ten’ actions to tackle climate change and save money.

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    Thank you to Maximus Green for putting this blog out there! I did not know Green Week was such a thing. Since 1990 we have reduced it by 40%!! i hope the next 28 years brings better reduction especially with the technology Maximus Green have to offer!!! Brilliant work Danny.

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