Magnetic fuel conditioners do they work

Technical Report

Tech Independently Verified By OnSpex (CSA Group)

A Proven Technology

As an energy solutions provider, we always have people asking us: do magnetic fuel conditioners or magnetic fuel conditioning work? Be careful –  as not all of the options currently on the market are as effective as they make out (there’s actually no such thing as a magnetic fuel saver) – however our magnetic fuel conditioning technology is the only design that has been verified by OnSpex (CSA Group) independent testing for consumer product evaluation, data management and consulting services using ASHRAE 103-1993 Standard.

OnSpex (CSA Group) Technical Report

When OnSpex (CSA Group) assessed our design, they found that:

1 – eeMGee increased the temperature rise value by 5%
2 – eeMGee decreased the Carbon Monoxide from 8 ppm to 0 ppm.
3 – eeMGee increased the efficiency of the appliance from 89.55% to 90.97%.
4 – eeMGee increased steady state condensate by 30.5% and improved fuel consumption by 12%.

The method of measurement – ASHRAE 103-1993 Standard

This standard measures AFUE, Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency is a thermal efficiency measure of space-heating furnaces and boilers. The AFUE differs from the true ‘thermal efficiency’ in that it is not a steady-state, peak measure of conversion efficiency, but instead it represents the actual, season-long, average efficiency of that piece of equipment, including the operating transients. It is a dimensionless ratio of useful energy output to energy input, expressed as a percentage.

The purpose of this standard is to provide procedures for determining the annual fuel utilisation efficiency of residential central furnaces and boilers.

The standard includes:

  • A test method for cyclic and part-load performance
  • Methods for interpolating and extrapolating test data
  • and, calculating procedures for establishing seasonal performance

Visual Representation

Unconditioned Fuel

magnetic fuel conditioner eeMGee

Conditioned Fuel

magnetic fuel conditioner eeMGee

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