eeMGee – Installations by Maximus Green

Maximus Green will thoroughly conduct a site inspection, gauging your systems suitability. We try to identify the best fuel conditioning solution which will meet your company’s needs. The eeMGee units are fitted typically within a few hours. There is no production downtime and we have no need to cut any pipes.


Maximus Green offers bespoke installations to each business. We are required to visit your site before installing the magnetic fuel conditioner units. Our experts offer a free-of-charge no obligation meeting to discuss your options further. If you would like to set up a meeting, please contact us today.

Will the eeMGee require maintenance after install?

Once fitted, our magnetic fuel conditioner units will not require any maintenance – we simply fit these to your system, they do the job – and you save year on year.

Why many business use Maximus Green’s Magnetic Fuel Conditioner.

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eeMGee is the only magnetic fuel conditioner that has been verified by OnSpex (CSA Group) independent testing for consumer product evaluation, data management and consulting services using ASHRAE 103-1993 Standard.

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