Cutting Council Emissions

We aim to reduce the UK's greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050. We are trying to achieve this reduction through action at home and abroad.

Moving to a more energy efficient, low-carbon economy will help us meet this target.

Government aim

Why Act?

Cutting council emissions should be seen as a duty by all public sector bodies in the UK. As it stands, these bodies have a significant carbon footprint and sizeable associated energy bills which are getting bigger every year. They also have the ability to extend their influence beyond their own estate and operations, throughout whole communities. This influence extends across a range of carbon sensitive themes including procurement, planning, local business engagement and education.

Public bodies must take more action towards sustainability, firstly by cutting council emissions. This will help them meet the deadlines set by the government. Each local authority in the UK has been tasked with ensuring they meet their share of the quota.

The Solution

Setting a positive example in your local area is highly important. Cutting council emissions is key to sustain and develop the local area. Our eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner provides a new way of improving energy efficiency and combating energy wastage.

At Maximus Green, we can understand how cutting council emissions can be hard. With local areas forever expanding, the demand for housing, and increases in traffic, waste, building usage such as schools, the list goes on. With the demand and need for energy high every single day, cutting council emissions can seem impossible. However, saving and conserving energy is what our eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner aims to combat, easily attaching around pipes.

It doesn’t stop there! We have other products that provide ways of cutting council emissions and are easy to install. These are the electronic water conditioner (enigma), shepherd sensor monitoring, commercial LED lighting and voltage optimisation.

We Can Help You Today

We can help to make you set an example in your area by cutting council emissions, thereby minimising your impact on the environment and driving you towards your 2020 energy targets.

Why Choose Maximus Green? 

We’re dedicated to providing effective, efficient energy solutions to clients who want to reduce their impact on the environment, as well as reap the economic benefits of sustainability. We help bodies, institutions and businesses reduce their energy emissions in the UK and worldwide.

Our Council Emissions Reduction Programme is tailored to suit public bodies and compliment their existing energy consumption strategies. We offer a variety of energy saving solutions and technologies, so you can pick which ones you need. We only work with proven technologies that will help you on your journey to sustainability.

Reducing carbon emissions for UK councils is more necessary than ever, particularly with the approaching 2020 energy targets. We have the solutions to help local councils passionate about cutting costs, saving money, and ultimately becoming shining examples for businesses and institutions countrywide.


Our Awards

We proudly boast BUILD REVIEW’S 2018 Global Excellence Award in Environmental Services & 2017 Best Energy Saving Solutions Provider for the UK.

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