Saving Energy in Care Homes

In total, the UK’s healthcare sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of this is wasted, meaning that money is being wasted too.

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Why Act?

Over recent years the UK has started to experience the effects of an ageing population and, as a result, is now struggling to adapt to the increase in demand on care homes and residential services.

Saving energy in care homes is a strong and successful overhead reduction tactic. You can incorporate it into pretty much every aspect of your business to reduce both costs and your environmental impact – which in turn could make your business the care home of choice to environmentally conscious residents.

The Solution

The eeMGee magnetic fuel conditioner can improve energy efficiency in care homes. The UK has seen an increase in care homes and with this, the demand for energy usage also increases. Our product can help improve energy efficiency.

At Maximus Green, we understand that saving energy in care homes is difficult when the demand is increasing. Energy is in constant use from lighting to heating to equipment. However, saving energy in care homes needn’t be hard to conquer, cut costs and improve energy efficiency with eeMGee.

We also have many other products which help reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. These include shepherd sensor monitoring, commercial LED lighting, voltage optimisation and the electronic water conditioner (enigma)

We Can Help You Today

We can help to make your care home a model of carbon emission reduction, minimising impacts on the environment whilst helping towards your 2020 targets by becoming more energy efficient.

Why Choose Maximus Green? 

Our Mission is dedicated to providing effective, efficient solutions to clients impacts on the environment while including an added economic benefit.

We value there is no option but to save our children of the future and we are committed and passionate helping you achieve this.

We Have Awards

BUILD REVIEW’S 2018 Global Excellence Awards in environmental services & 2017 Best Energy Saving Solutions Provider for the UK

Saving Energy in Care Homes

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