Carbon Reduction

Identify ways in which you can save
and reduce carbon emissions.


Data Analysis

Manage the energy data for
your business, analyse the
information and save.


Detailed Reports

Insightful reporting with clear analytics.
Developed to help your business
understand and report its carbon

maximus green carbonview Carbon Emissions Management Software

Carbon Emissions


Carbon Emissions


Maximus Green CarbonView is a powerful and internationally-used enterprise carbon emissions management software – cloud based.

Globally it is becoming more important for governments to help reduce carbon emissions.

As a large company* it is now required by law to report energy usage, efficiency and carbon emissions. Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SERC) will begin in April 2019. This has been introduced by the UK government and designed to help minimise administrative duties. With CarbonView, we can help simplify this responsibility, saving your business time and money.

maximus green carbonview Carbon Emissions Management Software




  • Simplified data collection and reduced cost of carbon footing and compliance reporting
  • Build interactive and dynamic dashboards and reports for all stakeholders
  • Effectively manage your performance against targets, carbon abatement and resource efficiency projects
  • Turn a job into a task with multi-user access, automated data upload features and automatic conversion of energy data into carbon emissions for reporting
maximus green carbonview Carbon Emissions Management Software







*Large Business Criteria

  • At least 250 employees
  • An annual turnover greater than £36m
  • An annual balance sheet total greater than £18m

It will now be expected for large unlisted companies to report their measurements on both energy and carbon emissions. SECR will affect almost 12,00 businesses in the UK. These are defined by meeting two or more of the above criteria.

Use Maximus Green’s energy management software and identify opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Making it easier to measure and report on international standards such as GHG Protocol, NGERS, DEFRA and more.

The intelligent Analytics allows you to to support financial management as well as energy data. The system will provide you with a single database for all sustainability data in your organisation. Allowing you to consolidate data from multiple sites nationally and internationally.


Efficient Data Capture

  • Carbon measurement and sustainability reporting in accordance with all global standards
  • Customisable metrics and emission sources
  • Direct integration with existing systems and mobile workforce

Interactive & Dynamic Reporting

  • Interactive reporting suite including ad hoc reports
  • Automated reporting with real-time calculation
  • Dynamic dashboards tailored to user profiles
  • Efficient distribution – publish, schedule & email

Powerful Performance Management

  • Establish absolute and intensity targets
  • Visibility across the enterprise and supply chain
  • Track performance against targets to drive ROI
  • Carbon abatement and energy efficiency projects

Effective Management

  • Strong security capabilities & data privacy
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Robust audibility for compliance reporting
maximus green carbonview carbon emissions energy management software
maximus green carbonview carbon emissions energy management software

One or more of Maximus Green’s services could help your business reduce its carbon emissions.

Utility Switch
Commerical LED
Voltage Optimisation
+ More

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