eeMGee fuel saving systems - to save you money and help towards reducing your impacts on the environment

eeMGee by Maximus Green

Maximus Green, 2017 Best Energy Saving Solutions Provider for the United Kingdom, awarded by BUILD REVIEW welcomes you to a simple yet sustainable solution that helps you achieve your profit and green energy targets with a significant and sustainable reduction in gas and oil consumption and related heating costs.

High fuel costs, increased demands on systems and focus towards carbon targets means action is required that has an immediate effect.

Our Magnetic Fuel Conditioners, eeMGee, improve the fuel in the pipes ahead of your boilers and Combined Heat and Power units to give you efficient combustion, generating the same kW output with less fuel.

Do you have a boiler and want to know how to reduce your fuel consumption and reduce your impact on the environment?

Reducing Environmental Impacts with added Economic Benefit

Craven District Council

Initially, I was very sceptical about installing the Magnetic Fuel Conditioner on our boilers and Combined Heat and Power unit gas supplies. But based on performance it looks like we'll be saving over 18% on our gas consumption.

Saving us both environmentally and financially, Maximus Green have certainly helped us to achieve our 'A' star rating on our DEC certificate. For a leisure centre with swimming pools, this is almost unheard of.

They are professionals and helpful and I would certainly recommend them to anyone else thinking of installing this technology on their heating system.

Lloyd Hancox | Craven District Council

"Implementing eeMGee to your heating systems, you will achieve savings on your fuel consumption"

This quote is based on savings achieved on our installations over the last three years which have demonstrated an average saving of 16%.

Advantages of our guarantee:

  • This guarantee indemnifies you if savings have not been achieved on your fuel consumption
  • We will repay 100% of your money back
  • A full detailed report demonstrating the savings achieved will be provided at the end of the validity period

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